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Van Elswyk Law, LLC vigorously represents clients in high-net-worth divorce cases throughout the Tampa-Bradenton-Sarasota area and as far south as Charlotte County and beyond. Because of the wealth involved, divorces in these cases are typically more expensive and take longer, which makes having an experienced high-asset divorce lawyer crucial. 

If you are involved in a high-net-worth divorce, you need experienced professionals aggressively looking after your financial interests. Van Elswyk Law is ready to listen and get started on your case. You can always rely on us for diligent and aggressive representation of your needs and interests. Call to learn what we can do for you.

Is my divorce a high-asset divorce?

Although there is no specific net-worth total that qualifies a divorce as high net worth, certain cases are obviously high net worth, such as cases involving couples with millions or more in assets.

One way to determine whether your divorce is high net worth is to review your assets. Possession of multiple valuable assets of varying types is an indication of high net worth. Valuable assets in this context might include:

  • Real estate
  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Business assets
  • Trusts

Ultimately, speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer will provide you with an answer to your question. You will also receive pertinent guidance on how to proceed.

How to Protect Your Financial Assets Before and During a Divorce

Divorce judgments are binding and must be obeyed. If you are heading toward divorce, you have the chance now to protect your assets and obtain a favorable divorce resolution. 

Hire a Divorce Attorney

As mentioned, contacting a divorce attorney will get you guidance and answers to your questions. Hiring an attorney will get you the protection your assets need during the divorce process. High-asset divorces require extensive planning and strategizing. Your assets are on the line in both a contested and an uncontested divorce. 

With a divorce attorney at the helm, your concerns become their concerns. Your goals and objectives for your assets are what they focus on. As soon as you become a client, you can expect your attorney to get to work immediately to resolve your case in a manner consistent with your best interests. 

Some of the tasks your attorney will tackle include:

  • Inventorying and reviewing your financial documents
  • Hiring forensic accountants to review marital, financial, and employment documents
  • Complying with all divorce procedures and court requirements
  • Aggressively representing you in negotiations with opposing counsel

Your divorce attorney will also ensure that you are kept up to date on the progress of the divorce. Your input matters and is what drives your attorney’s efforts. 

Gather Documents for Safekeeping

Although your attorney will be managing all aspects of your claim, you can be helpful by gathering documents and files related to your finances. Types of documents you should collect include:

  • Bank account statements
  • Investment account statements
  • Real estate deeds
  • Vehicle titles
  • Pay stubs
  • Life insurance account statements
  • Retirement and pension account statements
  • Business financial documents
  • Personal income tax returns
  • Business tax returns
  • Mortgage and loan documents
  • Any other document relating to marital finances

Keep these documents organized and ready to produce for your attorney. The more of them you can present to your attorney for your first meeting, the better. 

Be Fully Transparent

In every situation, you must be fully transparent regarding your assets. Hiding property, accounts, or money is unlawful and can be punished criminally. Additionally, failing to reveal the totality of your pertinent assets can prolong your divorce proceedings if discovered.

Be Civil

Divorce can lead to intense conflict and fighting between spouses. Ill feelings are understandable, common, and in many cases reasonable. However, if you are approaching a divorce, it pays dividends in the end to be as civil as possible. 

Although it is difficult, remaining civil keeps you from making decisions in the heat of the moment that may hurt your finances. In any event, it is a good idea to allow your divorce attorney to handle all communications with the other side during proceedings. 

Potential Paths to Divorce

There is more than one road to a divorce. Couples can choose an entirely uncontested divorce, which means no negotiations or fighting. However, uncontested divorces are rare when it comes to high-net-worth couples.  

Mediation vs. Court

Choosing mediation for your divorce means a neutral third party will get involved to help move your case to resolution. The mediator pronounces no judgments or rulings and does not advocate for one side over the other. The advantages of this course of action are the money and time it saves. Couples can significantly reduce their divorce costs by choosing this route.

Perhaps more important for high-net-worth couples is the privacy that mediation provides. Mediation proceedings are confidential, unlike divorce court proceedings. 

Contact a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Interests!

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