Brice Van Elswyk

Brice Van Elswyk started his professional career as an investment banker in 1998. Over the next 14 years, Brice worked for several international investment banks eventually specializing in structured products with complex tax, accounting and regulatory capital constraints.

Working closely with the top international law firms in the world as an investment banker inspired Brice to leave wall street behind and go to law school. Brice spent the next seven years at the State Attorney’s Office for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

While at the State Attorney’s Office, Brice prosecuted crimes ranging from misdemeanors such as DUI’s and domestic batteries, all the way to homicide, drug trafficking and sex crimes. Most recently, Brice was a specialty prosecutor focusing on capital sex crimes and crimes against children.

Now, Brice combines his vast knowledge of finance, and his extensive experience as a trial attorney to serve clients in both criminal defense and civil matters.

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